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http://www.linkedin.com/company/seotraversecity Pay Per Click spots are the advertised positions at the top of the real Google search engines| When someone clicks on Google and types in a keyword| a company will have paid to advertise their product or service when someone types in that keyword| These results will show up in multiple spots| at the top of the page| on the side or at the bottom| Someone people| myself included do not want to click on the advertised spots| Why you ask? Before I was even interested in SEO| I just did not trust the paid ads as much as the search terms which came up naturally (organic search results)| My frame of thought was if a company is legitimately related to my search topic| then they would pop up near the top of page one or two|
As a business owner you want your website to be found| you don’t really care how it gets done| you just want the best bang for your dollar and a healthy ROI| For the Pay Per Click Model you| as the advertisee pay the Marketing Company a surcharge to run your campaign as well as the cost for the actual leads| You may not see it listed out separately on an invoice but you do pay for it| Some people would say that this is the best model| as you only pay for leads or pay for results| But what if you could get more leads and better results for the same amount of money or even less money? The CPC or cost per click is a fixed amount| and thus the new visitors to your site have a fixed pre-set amount attached to them|
Conversely| if you opt for the Organic Search Option| you can have a set monthly amount attached to you SEO campaign to pay your SEO Company| For that set amount| you can get theoretically unlimited leads for that fixed price| If your SEO Expert is on point| he or she will be able to get you great positioning and plenty of traffic| (assuming search volumes are healthy) and provide as many leads if not more| for much less cost per new click|
Example- you pay $5|00 per click on PCP| One hundred people click your ad| you pay $500|00 For Organic results| you have a $500 budget and for that budget you are able to get onto the first page of Google’s search results| Search volumes are healthy so you get 300 people to view your site| Now the costs are much different for each model| For the organic results you just got triple the amount of people to view and potentially buy your product or service than with the pay per click model|
Neither is 100% the way to go all the time as each situation varies| Often I would argue that a mixture of Paid spots as well as a robust Organic Search Engine Optimization campaign is the way to go| But if I had to pick I would go with Organic most of the time

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