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July 10 2015

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June 14 2015

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June 07 2015

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June 06 2015


IDC Unveils Worldwide Internet of Things Spending Forecast by Vertical Market

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, International Data Corporation (IDC)

issued a new report, Worldwide

Internet of Things Spending by Vertical Market 2014-2017 Forecast

(Doc #246384), which defines the IT opportunity for all vertical markets

that comprise the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) market. The new

report segments the IoT market as well as provides a forecast that

illustrates which vertical industries show the greatest market

opportunity over the next several years. The market and forecast is

based on internal IDC models, analysis, and survey information, which

was used to create segmentation models around the 18 vertical markets

that IDC tracks

D Town SEO

As the Internet of Things (IoT) market starts to coalesce in both

concept and solution offering, IDC recommends vendors take the next step

and look at this huge IT opportunity in a more realistic framework. As

exciting as the overall opportunity for the IoT market currently is,

understanding the vertical ramifications is paramount. All of the

greatest IoT IT opportunities - including the connected home, smart

meters, the connected car, and the smart grid as well as personal

wellness and connected health - are driven from a vertical market


"The Internet of Things market must be understood in terms of vertical

markets because the value of IoT is based on individual use cases across

all markets," said Scott

Tiazkun, Senior Research Analyst with IDC's Global Technology and

Industry Research Organization. "Successful sales and marketing efforts

by vendors will be based on understanding the most lucrative verticals

that offer current growth and future potential and then creating

solutions for specific use cases that address industry-specific business


IDC defines the Internet of Things concept as a wired or wireless

network connecting devices, or "things," that is characterized by

autonomous provisioning, management, and monitoring. IoT already impacts

our everyday life down to the smallest processes. The vertical

opportunity that arises from IoT is already in play, but only if the

need for vertical expertise is recognized and offered. Realizing the

existence of vertical opportunity is the first step to understanding the

impact - and therefore market opportunity that exists - for IT vendors.

In addition:

IDC has looked at the components, processes, and IT support for IoT

and expects the technology and services revenue to expand from $4.8

trillion in 2012 to $7.3 trillion by 2017 at an 8.8% compound annual

growth rate (CAGR), with the greatest opportunity initially in the

consumer, discrete manufacturing, and government vertical industries.

The IoT/M2M market is growing quickly, but the development of this

market will not be consistent across all vertical markets. Industries

that already "understand" IoT will see the most immediate growth, such

as industrial production/automotive, transportation, and

energy/utilities. However, all verticals will reflect great


IoT is a derivative market containing many elements, including

horizontal IT components as well as vertical and industry-specific IT

elements. It is these vertical components where IT vendors will have

to distinguish themselves to address industry-specific IoT needs.

IoT opens up many IT vendors to the consumer market, providing B2B2C

services to connect and run homes and automobiles - all the places

that electronic devices will have a networking capability.

According to the report, the first step to understand how vendors can

position themselves will be to understand the components of the IoT/M2M

IT ecosphere. Because this is a derivative market, there are many

opportunities for vendors to offer parts or product suites that cover

the needed IoT IT set. And vendors will have incentive to do so due to

rapid growth, which will occur as industries see the convenience,

productivity, and efficiency that IoT brings to business processes.

Accordingly, while horizontal-focused IT vendors will look to offer IoT

solutions that appeal to many industries, there will also be impetus to

offer vertical-focused solutions that make IoT tangible for both

industries applications (M2M) and consumer needs (B2B2C).

Tiazkun continued, "The IoT market will greatly impact and offer the

potential for vertical-aligned businesses to improve both performance

and profitability. The IoT solutions space will expand exponentially and

will offer every business endless IoT-focused solutions. The initial

strategy of businesses should be to avoid choosing IoT-based solutions

that will solve only immediate concerns and lack 'staying power'."

The Renaissance City

For additional information about this report or to arrange a one-on-one

briefing with Scott

Tiazkun, please contact Sarah Murray at 781-378-2674 or sarah@attunecommunications.com.

Reports are available to qualified members of the media. For information

on purchasing reports, contact insights@idc.com;

reporters should email sarah@attunecommunications.com.

About IDC

City of the straits

International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of

market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information

technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. IDC

helps IT professionals, business executives, and the investment

community to make fact-based decisions on technology purchases and

business strategy. More than 1,000 IDC analysts provide global,

regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities

and trends in over 110 countries. In 2014, IDC celebrates its 50th

anniversary of providing strategic insights to help clients achieve

their key business objectives. IDC is a subsidiary of IDG,

the world's leading technology media, research, and events company. You

can learn more about IDC by visiting www.idc.com.

June 03 2015

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May 20 2015


Microsoft Business - 10 low-cost ways to market your business

Too many small-business owners think marketing is like a trip to the dentist -- something you just have to do every six months or so.

But when marketing is continuous and targeted rather than occasional and generic, business gets easier. If prospects have a positive view of your wares and reputation before you call or before they start shopping, you're that much closer to getting a sale.

The next news flash is that ongoing marketing isn't tied to a price tag. It's defined only by putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time.

Here are 10 ideas for doing that -- on the cheap.

1. Take steps to make customers feel special. Customers respond to being recognized, especially in these rush-rush, get-the-lowest-price times. "Even with a Web-based business, good customer service is possible," says Denise McMillan, co-owner of Plush Creations, an online retailer of handcrafted travel bags. McMillan encloses a small, rose-scented sachet in every jewelry and lingerie bag she sells and also sends a handwritten thank-you note. "The sachet and note cost pennies but add something special to the purchase," she says.

2. Create business cards that prospects keep. Most business cards are tossed within hours of a meeting. Instead of having your card tossed, create one that recipients actually will use -- say, a good-looking notepad with your contact info and tagline on every page. "The business card notepad is referred to almost daily, kept for 30 days or so and carries a high remembrance factor," says Elliott Black, a Northbrook, Ill., marketing consultant who specializes in small businesses.

3. Stop servicing break-even customers. If this idea makes you gasp, think harder. You're falling for the fallacy of increasing sales instead of boosting profits. If you stop marketing to unprofitable customers, you have more time and resources for customers who actually grow your business. "More than likely, 20% of your customer base is contributing 150% to 200% of total annualized profit (TAP); 70% is breaking even; and 10% is costing you 50% to 100% of TAP," says Atlanta marketing consultant Michael King. Take a detailed look at your customer profitability data and then direct premium services and marketing to customers who count.

4. Develop an electronic mailing list and send old-fashioned letters. Most businesses have harnessed the power of e-newsletters -- and you definitely should be sending out one, too. It's very cost-effective. But because e-mail marketing is now nearly ubiquitous, you can quickly stand out by occasionally sending personal, surface mail letters to customers and prospects. Just make sure the letter delivers something customers want to read, whether an analysis of recent events in your field, premium offers or a sweetener personalized for the recipient (a discount on his next purchase of whatever he last purchased, for instance). "This mailing has to have value to those that read it, so it reflects the value of what you offer," says Leslie Ungar, an executive coach in Akron, Ohio. "Remember, the best way to sell is to tell." The process is simplified by creating a letter template and envelope or customer label mailing list in Microsoft Office Word in Office 365, which you can print. The mailing list is easily created in Excel and then imported into Word.

5. Boost your profile at trade shows and conferences. You can quickly create signage, glossy postcards with your contact information, product news inserts or an event mini Web site -- all with Microsoft Office Publisher. With Office 365, you'll also have a hosted external website for your business, at no extra cost.

6. Combine business with pleasure -- and charity. Spearhead an event, party or conference for a cause you care about. That puts you in the position of getting to know lots of people, and shows off your small business leadership skills. "I host an annual baseball game where I take hundreds of clients to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field," says Kate Koziol, who owns a public relations agency in Chicago. "Last year, I took 300 people and we raised $10,000 for a local children's hospital. Few people turn down a game and it's a great networking opportunity for guests. It lets me reconnect with current clients and impress potential clients."

7. Create a destination. Bookstore chain Barnes Noble has its coffee bars. Furnishings giant Ikea offers child-care centers and cafeterias. Why? So customers gravitate to the stores to enjoy an experience and hang out for a while. Sunday morning at Barnes Noble becomes a pleasant weekend routine, rather than a shopping errand. Steal this idea. This tip isn't limited to offline destinations, either. Using pay-per-click advertising, you can cheaply drive traffic to a one-time news event or specialty offerings, points out Jay Lipe, a small-business marketing consultant based in Minneapolis. Lipe set up a Web site for Games by James, a retailer of board games, and quickly attracted customers via pay-per-click ads. "The effect was overnight," says Lipe. "Traditionally in the marketing world, it takes weeks or even months to generate acceptable awareness and traffic. Here we saw traffic spike overnight."

8. Become an online expert. This is the "free sample" approach to bringing in business. Research active e-mail discussion lists and online bulletin boards that are relevant to your business and audience. Join several and start posting expert advice to solve problems or answer questions. You may need to keep this up for a bit. But the rewards come back in paying clients and referrals. "E-mail discussion lists have been my single largest source of clients over the last eight years," says Shel Horowitz, a small-business marketing consultant based in Northampton, Mass.

9. Court local media. Editorial features convey more credibility with prospective clients than paid advertising does. To get coverage from the local media, whether from the town newspaper, from TV or radio stations, or from trade journals, you need a fresh, timely story. It's usually worthwhile to hire an experienced publicist to position the stories, target appropriate media representative and write and send press releases. Usually, you can work on a short-term or contingency basis.

10. Finally, don't let customers simply slip away. Make an effort to reel them back in. It costs a lot less to retain a disgruntled or inactive customer than to acquire a new one. If you haven't heard from a customer in a while, send a personalized e-mail (you can automate this process), inquiring whether all is well. For a customer who suffered a bad experience, pick up the phone, acknowledging the unpleasantness and ask if there's anything you can do. A discount can't hurt either. Being kind to customers is the smartest low-cost marketing you can do.


May 04 2015

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April 22 2015

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April 21 2015


Top SEO Firm in the U.S. Releases Tools by SEOs, for SEOs

SIMI VALLEY, Calif., March 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- With organic search accounting for up to 65% of website traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) is no longer a specialty, it's a business requirement. Search marketers requiring the tools to do the job have more choices as Bruce Clay, Inc. releases a new from-the-ground-up version of the SEOToolSet®.

Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150330/195475

Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150330/195476

Bruce Clay, Inc., named the top SEO agency in the U.S. in 2014 by independent market research firm Clutch, designed SEOToolSet 6 to do advanced SEO analysis required to service the company's own clients. In version 6, SEOToolSet stands apart as the most advanced tools for data-hungry marketers looking to stay on top of search http://www.wisdek-seo.com/ engine results.

"There's a primary difference between data and wisdom, and until you actually get data that is presented in a concise format, you're not able to efficiently move the needle," said Bruce Clay, president of Bruce Clay, Inc. The Refine of rating a site is called Search Engine Optimization. When You really want to obtain your site rated on top of Google, Bing and also Yahoo, you have to think about employing an Organic Rankings Specialist. There are differences in between Pay Per Click (pay each click) which is seen as paid search as well as more carefully pertaining to SEM than the organic side ofhttp://bit.ly/1zHEiAl. Organic aid with http://bit.ly/1zHEiAl as the outcomes will last longer compared to rented out Pay Per Click.and SEOToolSet. "You need a cohesive solution that analyzes pages, analyzes sites, analyzes inbound links and analyzes outbound links; all of that is what we have with these tools," said Clay.

Inside SEOToolSet 6 Paid and Free

SEOToolSet 6 stands out amongst other options on the market as the only suite ofhttp://bit.ly/1Jr559x tools to offer both a pay-as-you-go subscription option - SEOToolSet Pro - and a 100% freehttp://bit.ly/1Jr55pM tools suite for those who need a few quality tools, but not the whole toolbox - SEOToolSet Lite.

"Both SEOToolSet Lite and Pro include professional SEO power tools. In this case 'free' doesn't mean lower quality; think of it like a sample toolbox we're offering so that everyone can try the tools and decide whether they like them for themselves," said Clay.

SEOToolSet features:

A page analyzer that supports on-page optimization and content analysis written in 17 different languages. (Lite and Pro)

A linking report that produces a visual map of your site's internal linking structure. (Lite and Pro)

A site spider that helps you understand how search engines see your website. (Lite and Pro)

Majestic integration that allows for discovery of weak inbound links and link reports based on a fresh index, not historical data. (Pro)

An unbiased ranking monitor that uses authorized APIs - not scraping - to pull ranking data directly from the top three search engines. (Pro)

To learn more about SEOToolSet 6, visit http://www.seotoolset.com.

About Bruce Clay, Inc.

Bruce Clay, Inc. provides search engine optimization (SEO) services, PPC advertising management, SEO training and the award-winning SEOToolSet®. Bruce Clay has led the industry by authoring the SEO Code of Ethics, creating the downloadable Search Engine Relationship Chart® and presenting a training and certification program to promote ethical search http://bit.ly/1zHEijT practices. Company offices are located in Los Angeles, Switzerland, India, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.


Virginia Nussey

Content and Media Manager


To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/top-seo-firm-in-the-us-releases-tools-by-seos-for-seos-300058161.html

SOURCE Bruce Clay


http://goo.gl/uU4ZNn Learn How To make use of disqus as a platform for communicating with your audience. This is a nice tool!

April 18 2015

http://www.linkedin.com/company/seotraversecity Pay Per Click spots are the advertised positions at the top of the real Google search engines| When someone clicks on Google and types in a keyword| a company will have paid to advertise their product or service when someone types in that keyword| These results will show up in multiple spots| at the top of the page| on the side or at the bottom| Someone people| myself included do not want to click on the advertised spots| Why you ask? Before I was even interested in SEO| I just did not trust the paid ads as much as the search terms which came up naturally (organic search results)| My frame of thought was if a company is legitimately related to my search topic| then they would pop up near the top of page one or two|
As a business owner you want your website to be found| you don’t really care how it gets done| you just want the best bang for your dollar and a healthy ROI| For the Pay Per Click Model you| as the advertisee pay the Marketing Company a surcharge to run your campaign as well as the cost for the actual leads| You may not see it listed out separately on an invoice but you do pay for it| Some people would say that this is the best model| as you only pay for leads or pay for results| But what if you could get more leads and better results for the same amount of money or even less money? The CPC or cost per click is a fixed amount| and thus the new visitors to your site have a fixed pre-set amount attached to them|
Conversely| if you opt for the Organic Search Option| you can have a set monthly amount attached to you SEO campaign to pay your SEO Company| For that set amount| you can get theoretically unlimited leads for that fixed price| If your SEO Expert is on point| he or she will be able to get you great positioning and plenty of traffic| (assuming search volumes are healthy) and provide as many leads if not more| for much less cost per new click|
Example- you pay $5|00 per click on PCP| One hundred people click your ad| you pay $500|00 For Organic results| you have a $500 budget and for that budget you are able to get onto the first page of Google’s search results| Search volumes are healthy so you get 300 people to view your site| Now the costs are much different for each model| For the organic results you just got triple the amount of people to view and potentially buy your product or service than with the pay per click model|
Neither is 100% the way to go all the time as each situation varies| Often I would argue that a mixture of Paid spots as well as a robust Organic Search Engine Optimization campaign is the way to go| But if I had to pick I would go with Organic most of the time

March 27 2015


Does Social network Work FOr Search Engine Optimization?

http://is.gd/h0Nlyv Can you make use of social media efficient to not simply acquire traffic, but to place your website? Our company believe that it is possible if done correctly.

March 13 2015


Crossfit Injuries

Max Jacobson-Fried

The point of course is not to avoid increases website in risk at the detriment of our development; but rather, to understand the real risks that exist and try our best to mitigate them. There's not a lot we can do to avoid a freak accident, that's why it's called a "freak accident" and not "terrible thing you should have expected."


December 11 2014


Seeking Internet Design as well as seo in michigan

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNRl6yqqg7A When you should get even more customers online, then take into consideration employing a michigan based seo firm. They can obtain you additional consumers. Array

November 08 2014


Does your website concealed consumers well?

http://integratedmarketingsolutions.weebly.com/ If you have having trouble obtaining your website to make you money, then you might require SEO aid. They could do sales duplicate that will certainly transform.

October 24 2014


Increase your property value with interior design


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In lots of places around the world there is a substantial growth in property prices. This is awesome news to home sellers. Generally when this happens the consumers become more demanding and ask more from the sellers. Many consumers are well aware of the newest trends and want to move immediately. They don't want to wait for enhancements on a property.

If you want to make http://webdesign.about.com/od/webdesignbasics/u/webdesignbasics.htm a property more profitable you should meet the needs and wants of consumers as closely as possible. The best way I know to get the best results in the least time is to employ an interior designer with experience and expertise for pre sale refurbishment. The two most important areas of the house, regarding increasing property value, are the kitchen and the bathroom. I wouldn't recommend trying to do the design on your own. A person without interior design nyc training doesn't have knowledge about building and safety regulations, or the freshest trends within the industry. A DIY project can actually decrease the property value if not done professionally. In this sense as well as others its beneficial to employ the services of a professional designer.

Another way an interior designer can be a real asset, is they can help you save on a lot http://en.calameo.com of money on the materials used for the project. These professionals know exactly where to get the materials at discounted rates and are often happy to pass these savings to their clients. Interior designers can also save you a bunch of time. Most homeowners and property owners have no idea how much actually goes into an interior design nyc project. Some can lose numerous weekends and can take years before the actual product is completed., and even then it may not be the most profitable.

Property developers often employ the services of interior designers. Even though most of them have the intuition to know what type of design would appeal to their market, they hire interior designers anyway because they specialist in that type of thing. Once the designer touches it the property value goes up significantly and that means more money for the developer. Lots of people around the http://independent.academia.edu/LiliaRotha/Posts world put emphasis on their interior design and its quality. An interior designer makes the area jaw-dropping and awing.

It is common sense that a property with a stellar interior design nyc will sell faster than one that doesn't. They grab the hearts of prospective buyers, and therefore spend a very short time on the market. You don't even have to have a full makeover, but it would be wise to at least have an interior designer come check it out and give you some suggestions that are effective and inexpensive. This is the reason why home staging services have become popular in the last decade.

Good luck with your interior design nyc


October 09 2014


Best SEO company in Michigan

http://bit.ly/1DaiotG Hey everyone just wanted to share my experience. I used Google to find a seo or search engine opitmization company and I found a company that after only 60 days got me onto the first page of Googe! Very quick and professional, and my ROI is very nice. Very easy to work with and pricing is reasonable considering how much I am getting in return back

September 19 2014


Will People Really Read Your Small Business Web Site

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